Manufacturing Industry AI Solutions


We offer services that utilize AI to solve challenges in manufacturing, such as business process optimization. Our dedicated team will support you from implementation to utilization. You can also rely on us for the most complex tasks related to data preparation and verification.


  • Want to implement AI but unsure of how to use it effectively
  • Insufficient resources for data organization
  • Facing difficulties in transferring skilled labor expertise
  • Want to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Experiencing variations in work capabilities
  • Concerned about defective product leakage
You can solve these challenges with Nisso "Manufacturing Industry AI Solutions"!


AI Implementation Support

Our experienced team at Nisso will assist your on-site staff in the entire process, including issue identification, data preparation, AI model creation, evaluation, and implementation. We provide comprehensive support, starting from basic AI knowledge to advanced learning.

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Realizing Skilled Labor Expertise with AI

By teaching AI the tasks performed by humans, productivity can be significantly increased. For example, tasks that previously required skilled inspectors can now be handled by AI, ensuring product quality even in the absence of experienced staff.



Dedicated AI Engineers Support

In the AI utilization phase, planning and building the necessary infrastructure, including issue clarification, securing AI talent, and managing data processing efforts, can be challenging. It's common for plans to falter from the planning stage. Nisso dedicated AI engineers support the optimal implementation plan from the conceptual stage.


Reducing Work Effort for Implementation

Implementing AI requires extensive data preparation for learning. Preprocessing this data requires significant effort, posing a major challenge for companies planning to implement AI. Nisso offers comprehensive support, reducing the workload associated with implementation.


Proposal of AI Generation Tools

To create AI models, evaluating various tools to choose the right one is essential. Nisso has partnerships with reliable tool development companies, enabling us to propose the most suitable tools for our clients.

All For Industry & People
All For Industry & People




For the manufacturing site improvements you seek

  • ・Creating an AI utilization plan
  • ・Organizing preparatory tasks
  • ・Identifying routine tasks

Data Preparation

For better AI learning

  • ・Data cleansing
  • ・Annotation
  • ・Equipment rental

PoC & AI Development

Verification of implementation effects, AI development/tool sales

  • ・Designing and delivering user-friendly UI
  • ・Suggesting security measures

Implementation & Operation

Implementation/operation support

  • ・Maintenance and preservation
  • ・Aftercare
  • ・Engineer dispatch/education
Solving problems of human resource shortage, cost reduction, and operational efficiency at manufacturing sites

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