Information Security Policy

With the advancement of the information society, ensuring the security and reliability of information, including protection against unauthorized access and information leakage, has become indispensable. Establishing a system for this purpose is an extremely important challenge in corporate management. Therefore, our company has formulated an "Information Security Policy" to protect and manage information assets and will implement it throughout the organization. Each of our employees will always act with a high level of awareness and concern for information security in their daily work, ensuring compliance with our company's Information Security Policy and the supporting regulations.

1. Approach to Information Security

Our company recognizes the commitment to the Information Security Policy as one of the most crucial tasks in our business operations and is dedicated to implementing it across the entire organization.

2. Establishment of Information Security Management Structure

Our company will strive to protect all information assets it possesses and establish a secure information security management structure to gain customer satisfaction and societal trust by complying with laws and other regulations.

3. Development of Internal Regulations Regarding Information Security

We will develop internal regulations based on the Information Security Policy, providing clear standards and methods for handling information assets in general. These regulations will be continuously reviewed and improved.

4. Strengthening the Management Structure of External Contractors

When outsourcing information handling, we will review and select outsourcing partners that can ensure the safety and reliability of the relevant tasks. We will prevent information leakage through regular reporting and verification.

5. Establishment and Enhancement of Audit System

Internal audits will be conducted to ensure compliance with the Information Security Policy, regulations, and rules. Measures will be considered and implemented in response to threats and vulnerabilities discovered during audits.

December 15, 2006
President and CEO, Ryuichi Shimizu


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