Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

With the advancement of the information-oriented society, it is essential to ensure the safety and reliability against the unauthorized access and leakage of information, etc., and the development of systems for such purposes is an extremely important issue for corporate management. Therefore, in order to protect・manage information assets, NISSO has formulated an "Information Security Policy", and will put it into practice company-wide. Each and every NISSO employee shall always conduct oneself with a high level of interest and awareness with regards to information security in the performance of daily duties, and shall endeavor to thoroughly comply with the "Information Security Policy" and the various regulations that support it.

1.Information Security Initiatives

NISSO recognizes the commitment to the Information Security Policy as one of the most important business issues, and shall take a company-wide approach to address it.

2.Establishment of Information Security Management System

NISSO shall strive to protect all information assets in our possession, and establish a secure information security management system to gain customer satisfaction and the trust of society by adhering to laws and regulations, and other norms.

3.Maintenance of Internal Regulations on Information Security

NISSO shall maintain internal regulations based on the Information Security Policy, set forth clear standards・methods for handling information assets in general, and continuously review and implement improvements.

4.Reinforcement of Management Structure of Outsourcing Contractors

When outsourcing the handling of information, NISSO shall examine・select contractors who can ensure the safety and reliability of the subjected work, and prevent information leakage through periodic reports・confirmations.

5.Maintenance・Enhancement of Auditing Structure

NISSO shall conduct internal audits to ensure that the Information Security Policy, regulations, rules, etc., are observed. NISSO shall also consider and take countermeasures against threats and vulnerabilities discovered by such audits.

December 15, 2006
Ryuichi Shimizu
Representative Director, President & CEO

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