Declaration of Health Management

NISSO promotes health management to realize its founding principle of "nurturing people and empowering lives."

The well-being of employees, both physically and mentally, is the source of their own and their families' enriching lives and the driving force behind corporate growth.

To enable individuals with diverse talents to maximize their abilities, we support the maintenance and promotion of employees' health. We are committed to creating an environment where employees can work safely, energetically, and for a long time.

President & CEO: Ryuichi Shimizu

Priority initiatives

  1. Prevention of Occupational Accidents
  2. 100% Participation in Health Checkups
  3. Promotion of Specific Health Guidance
  4. Mental Health Care
  5. Identification and Addressing of Employees' Health Challenges
  6. Promotion of Operational Efficiency and Reduction of Long Working Hours
  7. Improvement of Workplace Environment and Enhancement of Health Awareness
  8. Promotion of Communication

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