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Greetings from Ryuichi Shimizu, President and CEO.

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Pioneer Company

Pioneering in Manufacturing Talent Services

Since its founding in 1971, Nisso has been a pioneer in manufacturing talent services, contributing to the development of the industrial and labor markets. We leverage the expertise developed since our inception to provide a wide range of services, including manufacturing dispatch, contracting, and talent introduction. We not only support client companies with talent but also adapt to changes in labor laws and regulations, creating workplaces conducive to long-term production activities and fostering deep trust with our clients.

Our Philosophy

Vision: "People" are Nisso Greatest Asset

Based on the founding principle of "cultivating and empowering people," Nisso emphasizes talent development and workplace formation. This principle embodies the founder's belief that people have infinite potential, and by providing education and a conducive environment, we can maximize that potential. People are our most valuable asset, and we believe they are fundamental and vital in providing services. To support this, we have established personnel systems and educational frameworks that accommodate diverse work styles. We provide meticulous labor management and comprehensive training programs at our locations and training facilities nationwide, enabling each staff member to fully utilize their skills and abilities. Our vision is to nurture "individuals who refine themselves and deliver results" and contribute to the manufacturing industry in Japan.

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For Client

Enhancing Both "People Development" and "Workplace Improvement"

Understanding "what makes our clients happy" requires in-depth discussions with clients and workers, taking local conditions into account. We believe providing "high-value-added services" is essential. With years of experience in talent services, we have accumulated abundant know-how to realize the achievements of both our clients and workers. We leverage this expertise to explore new services that can respond to rapid changes in manufacturing and strive to solve the challenges of the diverse labor market.

For Employee

Elevating Nisso to a Stage of Growth

With the establishment of NISSO Holdings, we hope that Nisso employees will dedicate themselves even more to providing high-value-added services to our clients. It is essential for both the company and the workers to grow together, with the company's policies and goals serving as a "compass" for employees. Despite the calls for workstyle reform, there are universal aspects of work that remain unchanged. Recognition and praise for one's work can elevate a person's spirits and directly lead to "success experiences." Nisso aims to create a workplace that values these enduring universal principles. Along with the growth of our talents, Nisso will continue to grow as a partner company providing high-value-added services. Nurturing "individuals who refine themselves and deliver results" and contributing to Japanese manufacturing are the dual aspects of our vision.

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Our Vision

Continuously Striving for Challenges Toward the Future of Manufacturing

Japanese manufacturing is on the verge of significant transformation. Developments in new technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and robotics may reduce the need for human involvement in certain tasks, but they will never completely eliminate it. The skills required for manufacturing will become more sophisticated, and the value of these skills is expected to increase further. Nisso contributes to the future transformation of Japanese manufacturing through talent development. We will continue to take on new challenges to support this future.

President and CEO Ryuichi Shimizu

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