Message from our President

As a pioneer in the manufacturing-related human resources services

Since our inception in 1971, NISSO has been committed to the advancement of the industrial world and labor markets as a pioneer company in the manufacturing-related human resources services.
We have continued to demonstrate our expertise of human resources services in the manufacturing industry that we have cultivated since our establishment, and provide a wide range of human resources services such as manufacturing contracting and dispatching, as well as recruitment.
In addition to providing human resources support to our client companies, we have been responding flexibly to the revisions of the dispatch law and various labor-related legislation, while realizing the creation of better workplaces for mid- to long-term production activities, and building relationships based on a high degree of trust with our clients.

―What NISSO treasures―
The very "People" who embody our company's vision, are NISSO's greatest assets

Under our founding philosophy, "Nurturing and Bringing Out the Best in People", NISSO places emphasis on human resources development and workplace formation. Our founder's sentiments that people have unlimited potential, and that our mission to society, through teaching and providing a stage, or "place" for individuals to bring out their full potential, are conveyed within this founding philosophy. This is because we believe that the very people are our company's greatest assets, and the most fundamental and important aspect that enables us to provide services.
What supports the development of people, are our personnel and educational systems, such as the appropriate evaluation・treatment, that are able to correspond to diversified work styles. We implement thorough labor management and comprehensive training systems at our offices and education・training facilities held throughout the country, and have in place an environment where each and every staff can fully demonstrate their skills and capabilities.
Through such efforts, we strive "To Be the Finest Professional Organization Supporting Made-in-Japan" by nurturing "human resources who can refine themselves and produce results", in order to carry through the spirit and technology of Japan's MONOZUKURI (manufacturing). That is the vision which NISSO aspires to uphold.

―Values that we convey to our clients―
Enhancing both human development and workplace creation

It is my belief that in addition to adhering to compliance regulations, in order to understand "what pleases our clients?", it is important to talk with clients and workers while taking into account both local and current conditions, and "to create a workplace with high-added value".
NISSO, which has engaged in the human resources services for many years, has accumulated an abundance of expertise necessary to achieve "results for both clients and the working people". By leveraging the expertise that we have cultivated thus far, we will strive to not only resolve the issues of the diversifying labor market, but will also create new employment opportunities, and will further endeavor to take on the challenges of providing more advanced and new services in anticipation of the changes in MONOZUKURI.

―Values that we convey to working people―
Leading NISSO to the stage of growth

On the other hand, I would like for the employees of NISSO to regard the company as a stage for their growth. The policies and objectives of work are presented to employees as a "compass" from the company, so to speak, and in the same way, I believe that it is ideal for a company and its workers to grow together as they feel joy and a sense of satisfaction.
Even in the midst of calls for changes in work styles, there are things that remain unchanged in the "thoughts" of the working people. "Receiving recognition and praise" at work raises the spirits of workers, and is also directly linked to their "motivations for success". In this manner, NISSO aims for the creation of workplaces that values universal matters that do not change at any time, or in any workplace.
Together with this growth of human resources, NISSO will continue to evolve as a partner company that supports a more advanced MONOZUKURI.

―Our future vision・aspirations―
Continuing to taking on further challenges for the future of MONOZUKURI

Japan's MONOZUKURI is now approaching a major transition period. With the development of new technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence and robotics technology, there will be many types of work that will become independent of humans in the future. However, such technologies will not completely eliminate the need for human intervention from MONOZUKURI. The skills of human resources necessary for MONOZUKURI will become increasingly sophisticated, and their value should inherently rise in the future. Through the development of people, NISSO will continue to take on further challenges in order to contribute to the changing future of Japan's manufacturers.

Representative Director, President & CEO
Ryuichi Shimizu

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