Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As a leading company engaged in the human resources business, NISSO CORPORATION is a company that practices being "A socially responsible company", which is upheld in our corporate philosophy. Furthermore, we will comply with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, while always being aware of the importance of personal information that is entrusted to us by our strong recognition that human resources are our sole absolute management resource. In addition to establishing a personal information protection management system that is compliant with the Japanese Industrial Standards, "Personal Information Protection Management Systems - Requirements (JISQ 15001)", we have formulated our "Privacy Policy" as provided below, and will encourage all officers and employees to continuously handle personal information properly with a high level of awareness at all times.

  1. We will comply with laws and regulations, guidelines established by the government, and other standards concerning personal information, as well as personal information protection management systems.
  2. Personal information handled by NISSO shall be within the scope of our business, such as for the employment of the individual concerned, and will not be used for purposes other than the original intent. Furthermore, we will take measures to prevent the non-purpose usage of personal information. Moreover, we will establish both technical and internal management structures against risks such as the leakage, loss or damage of personal information that we have obtained, and will appropriately take protective and preventive measures, as well as implement corrective actions as necessary.
  3. We will not provide personal information that we have obtained to a third party without obtaining the consent of the provider, except in cases where any of the following apply:

    ①When there is consent from the individual concerned about the information that is to be provided.
    ②When utilizing converted statistical data that cannot identify specific individuals.
    ③When the lawful provision of information is requested or required by laws or regulations, the police, prosecutors, the courts or other legal institutions, or public agencies.

  4. With regards to personal information that we have obtained, we will promptly respond to inquiries from the individual concerned regarding any notifications, disclosures, corrections, additions or deletions of personal information for the purpose of its use that is subject to its disclosure, in addition to the discontinuation of its use and refusal of its provision to third parties. Furthermore, we will establish a dedicated point of contact to respond appropriately and promptly to complaints, consultations, inquiries, etc., concerning the handling of personal information.
  5. In order to conduct the proper management of personal information, we will regularly review and continuously improve our personal information protection management system, etc., and will thoroughly disseminate such contents within the company.

※For inquiries regarding NISSO’s protection of personal information, please contact the following (in Japanese only).

Director, General Affairs Division
Chief Privacy Officer


April 1, 2005 (Date of Enactment)
November 1, 2018 (9th Edition Revision・Issue Date)
Ryuichi Shimizu
Representative Director, President & CEO

Handling of Personal Information (in Japanese only)

Personal information is obtained for the purposes stated below. In other cases, when obtaining personal information in writing directly from the individual concerned, the purpose of use will be clearly stated in each case.
In addition, NISSO may create masked statistical data that has been processed so that specific individuals cannot be identified based on the personal information provided. (Masked statistical data that cannot identify specific individuals shall be used by NISSO without any limitations.)

Personal information obtained in writing directly from the individual concerned

Personal information to be obtained Purpose of use
Registrant information of NISSO-operated site
  1. Provision of job-opportunity information from NISSO-operated site and personal authentication in member services
  2. Provision of personal information to companies using NISSO-operated site based on consent of registered members
Information of persons requesting delivery of e-mail newsletters
  1. Provision of information related to work and contact related to such information, etc.
  2. Provision of services requested by users and contact related to such services, etc.
Applicant information
  1. Screening, decisions regarding employment
  2. Sending of notices, questionnaires from NISSO
Employee information of contracting, dispatching, and employment placement dispatching businesses
  1. Provision of job-related information
  2. Labor management services
  3. Provision of welfare and benefits
  4. Contact in the event of an emergency
  5. Correspondence to enrollment confirmation
  6. Provision of desired NISSO services
  7. Provision of information from NISSO
  8. Requests for cooperation with questionnaires on NISSO's services
  9. Corrections and updates of personal information received
  10. Inquiries, contact for acquaintance referrals
  11. Provision of personal information to NISSO’s client companies, etc. (ID card issuance at contracting・dispatching destinations, facility・building entrance card creation, attendance management, etc.)
NISSO employee information
  1. Labor management services
  2. Provision of welfare and benefits
  3. Contact in the event of an emergency
  4. Correspondence to enrollment confirmation
  5. Corrections and updates of personal information received
Client information
  1. Client management
  2. Sales・operating activities
Information of persons obtained during PR activities
  1. Publication of NISSO's PR magazines, brochures, and websites
  2. Publication of media articles
  3. Contact deemed necessary during PR activities, such as interview requests
Information about persons who contacted NISSO Replies to the content of inquiries

Personal information obtained by a method other than in writing directly from the individual concerned

Personal information to be obtained Purpose of use
Applicant information of employees introduced/provided to NISSO by recruitment agencies and/or job sites Contact, screening and decisions regarding employment
Personal information recorded on surveillance cameras Security management, such as crime prevention, through building access management

Arbitrariness of the provision of personal information

Although it is optional for persons to provide their personal information, if one does not provide information on the required items, the individual concerned may not be able to receive the appropriate services. In addition, there will be no hindrance to the provision of services without the filling out of optional items, but smoother services may be provided with such information.

Provision of personal information to third parties

In principle, NISSO will not provide personal information that we have obtained without obtaining the consent of the individual concerned. When providing personal information to third parties, the following will be clearly stated, and provided upon obtaining the consent of the individual concerned:

  • Destination
  • Purpose of provision to third parties
  • Items of personal information to be provided
  • Means or method of provision
  • Type and attributes of persons or organization of persons receiving such information
  • Effect of the contract for handling personal information, when required

However, personal information may be provided without the consent of the individual concerned in the following cases:

  1. When it is required by law
  2. When it is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of the individual concerned, and it is otherwise difficult to obtain their consent
  3. When it is necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of the sound development of children, and it is otherwise difficult to obtain the consent of the individual concerned
  4. When it is necessary to cooperate with national organizations, local authorities, or any other persons entrusted by them in performing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and obtaining the consent of the individual concerned may interfere with the performance of such affairs.
  5. When the individual concerned explicitly requests the provision to a third party

Shared-use of personal information

NISSO may use the provided personal information jointly with our affiliated company (Nisso Brain Co., Ltd.).

  • Shared-use items
    Name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number, e-mail address, available work start date, current employment status
  • Scope of shared-use
    NISSO CORPORATION Nisso Brain Co., Ltd.
  • Purpose of shared-use
    To provide services such as manufacturing dispatching, manufacturing contracting, and employment placement
      1. Introduction of work information
      2. Information on events, campaigns, etc.
      3. Conducting of questionnaires about NISSO's services
      4. Delivery of e-mail newsletters
      5. Screening・decisions regarding employment
  • Administrator for shared-use personal information
    Director, General Affairs Division, Chief Privacy Officer, NISSO Corporation
    Director, Administration Division, Personal Information Protection Manager, Nisso Brain Co., Ltd.
  • Obtainment method
    Obtained in writing directly

Scope of third parties

In the event that personal information is provided in association with the succession of business due to NISSO's merger or for any other reasons, the individual or organization who receives the provision of personal information shall not fall under any third party.

Personal information management at the application destination company

The personal information provided to the application destination company based on the consent of the individual concerned is managed in accordance with the regulations regarding personal information management set forth by the application destination company. NISSO educates each company to appropriately manage personal information within the scope of the purpose of use.

Outsourcing of personal information processing

NISSO may entrust personal information to a trustee (outsourcing contractor) that meets the standard of personal information protection set forth by NISSO, within the scope of achieving the above purpose of use.

Management of personal information

NISSO strives to implement appropriate security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of personal information under our control. Personal information is stored in a safe environment that is inaccessible to the general public. In addition, NISSO will endeavor to accurately process the personal information data provided to us. However, the person who provided the information shall be responsible for the accuracy and recency of the content of their personal information at the time of provision.

Rights to personal information

NISSO shall appropriately respond to requests for "Notification of the Purpose of Use of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure, "Disclosure of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure", "Correction, Addition, or Deletion of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure", and "Refusal to Use or Provide Personal Information Subject to Disclosure". In such a case, NISSO will confirm the identity of the individual concerned based on information that can identify the individual (such as by name, address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address). NISSO is not responsible for obtaining and using information that can identify an individual other than that of the individual concerned. Please note that information regarding employment screening and personnel evaluation is not considered to be personal information that is subject to disclosure.

Changes, etc., of personal information

Personal information provided to NISSO may be changed, added or deleted (by the individual concerned) at any time.

Disclaimer regarding third party provision

NISSO assumes no responsibility for the obtainment of personal information by a third party in the following cases:

A.When the individual concerned himself/herself discloses personal information to a specific company using functions or other means on this site
B.When the individual concerned could be identified unexpectedly due to activity information or other information entered on this site by the individual concerned
C.When personal information is provided by the individual concerned to external sites linked from this site, and such information is used

Administrator of Personal Information

The following individual shall be responsible for managing personal information obtained:
Director, General Affairs Division
Chief Privacy Officer

Contact for personal information management (in Japanese only)

For inquiries about personal information management, please contact:

Address Nisso Kosan (NISSO) Shin Yokohama Bldg., 1-4-1 Shin Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 222-0033
Tel (81)45-476-4121
Fax (81)45-476-4521
Supplementary provision

This agreement was revised and enforced from November 1, 2018.
Enacted April 1, 2006
Revised November 1, 2018

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