We introduce the history of NISSO from our establishment in 1971 to the present.


Legal Matters surrounding NISSOHistory of NISSO

Legal Matters surrounding NISSO

  • 1986昭和61年

    Criteria for Classification Between the Worker Dispatching Businesses and Businesses Conducted by Contracting was announced

    Law for Equal Employment Opportunity of Men and Women was enforced

    Worker Dispatch Law was enforced

  • 2004平成16年

    Legal governmental and ministerial ordinances for partial revisions of Worker Dispatch Law and Employment Security Act were enforced

  • 2006平成18年

    Companies Act was enforced

  • 2007平成19年

    NISSO CORPORATION's special-purpose subsidiary, Nisso Pure Co., Ltd. was established

    Dispatch acceptance period for manufacturing work of goods was extended to maximum of 3 years

    "Project to Promote the Improvement and Optimization of Employment Management of the Contracting Business in the Manufacturing Industry was implemented by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, "Manufacturing Contracting Business Improvement Promotion Council" was established by academics and business operators

  • 2015平成27年

    Revised Worker Dispatch Law was enforced

History of NISSO

  • 1971昭和46年

    NISSO’s predecessor, Nisso Koei Co., Ltd. was established

  • 1984昭和59年

    Construction of Nisso Dai Ichi Bldg. (Yokohama, Kanagawa) was completed

  • Nisso Office M Two Co., Ltd. (present: Nisso Brain Co., Ltd.) was established

  • 1990平成2年

    Nisso Fudosan (Real Estate) Co., Ltd. (present: Nisso Nifty Co., Ltd.) was established

    First Annual Improvement Cases Presentation Conference (Intra-company QC Small Group Activity) was held

  • 1997平成9年

    Construction of Nisso Kosan (NISSO) Shin Yokohama Bldg. (Yokohama, Kanagawa: New Headquarters Bldg.) was completed

  • 2000平成12年

    Japan Production Skill Labor Association was established, Tadao Shimizu was inaugurated as its first Chairman

  • 2003平成15年

    SHANGHAI NISSO HUMAN RESOURCES Co., Ltd. was established

  • 2005平成17年

    Headquarters office obtained certification, initial registration for international standard for environmental management "ISO14001"

  • Tohoku Technical Center was opened

  • Mascot character, “Seizo-kun” was born

  • 2011平成23年

    Obtained initial certification for the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's commissioned project, "Superior Manufacturing Contractors Certification System" as superior business operator

    Kanazawa Business Office's KKM Production Site obtained certification, initial registration for standard for quality management "ISO 9001", for CSP Assembly I production process

  • Obtained initial certification for the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's commissioned project, "Excellent Dispatching Business Operators Certification System" as excellent business operator

    Was admitted to the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren)

  • 2016平成28年

    Tohoku Technical Center・Nisso Technical Center Higashi-Nihon (both in Miyagi) were certified as Accredited Polytechnic Schools by Miyagi Prefecture

  • 2017平成29年

    Nisso Technical Center Kyushu was opened

  • 2018平成30年

    Was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

As of April, 2020Operating at69locations, 8training facilities nationwide

World Events

World Events

  • 1971昭和46年

    Transition of Japanese yen to floating exchange rate system

  • 1972昭和47年

    The First Oil Crisis occurred

  • 1984昭和59年

    The Plaza Accord was reached by the G5 nations

  • 1993平成5年

    “J League” (Japanese Professional Soccer League) was inaugurated

  • 1995平成7年

    The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred

  • 1998平成10年

    The Nagano Winter Olympics were held

  • 2000平成12年

    The Okinawa Summit (26th G8 Summit) was held

  • 2002平成14年

    The FIFA World Cup Korea・Japan was held

  • 2005平成17年

    The Aichi Expo was held

  • 2008平成20年

    The “Lehman Shock”, or economic downturn precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy occurred

  • 2011平成23年

    The Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident occurred

  • 2016平成28年

    The Public Offices Election Act concerning 18-year olds’ right to vote was enforced

  • 2017平成29年

    The Revised Payment Services Act was enforced, and use of virtual currency increased

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