NISSO’s Corporate Concepts

NISSOFounding Philosophy“Nurturing and Bringing Out the Best in People”

We believe in the unlimited potential of people, will grow together through teaching and learning, and will expand the circle of trust while creating a lively workplace.

“To Be the Finest Professional Organization Supporting Made in Japan”

In order to support the spirit and technology cultivated by Japanese manufacturing from the human aspect, we aim to create a company that allows people with diverse personal characteristics to hone their skills, that produces new innovations on a daily basis, and that always delivers performances that surpass expectations.

Management Philosophy
“We aim to create rich human lifestyles,
Expand our circle of trust with integrity,
Be filled with youthful passion and dynamism,
And pursue limitless possibilities.”

Corporate Philosophy

  • “NISSO is…
  • ・A people-focused company
  • ・A company that challenges itself
  • ・A company that values co-existence and co-prosperity
  • ・A socially responsible company”

Origin of our Company Name and Concepts Incorporated in our Logo

Japan achieved high-levels of growth in the 1970s, and supplying high-quality industrial products was the objective of each and every company. It was during this era that our founder, Tadao Shimizu, embraced the desire for his company “to be entrusted with Japan's (日本) entire (総) factory (工場) production operations (生産業務)” and named his company “NISSO” (Nisso Kosan, or日総工産 in Japanese; literal meaning: “all-Japan industrial production”)

The letters "SS" of NISSO resemble the supple and soft image of the Japanese kanji character "人" (for "person") which is symbolically portrayed in the logo.
The colors consist of "warm blue" to represent integrity, and "reasonable red" to represent passion, and their shape symbolizes being firmly rooted in the earth.

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