Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

ISO14001 Certification

Based on the following Environmental Policy, NISSO has implemented environmental improvements, and acquired the ISO14001 certification on October 4, 2005 for management operations at Headquarters for business contracting・human resources dispatching businesses.

Regarding the Environmental Policy

Through a series of human resources services activities, NISSO has regarded global environmental conservation and pollution prevention as one of the most significant management issues. In order to achieve harmony with our business activities and the global environment, we have formulated this Environmental Policy.

After recognizing the environmental impact caused by business activities, in accordance to the following basic policy, all employees will be actively involved in the creation of a recycling-oriented society as NISSO sets and re-examines environmental objectives and targets, co-exists with local communities and strives to make continuous improvements.

①With regards to business activities, we will devote our efforts to the following items in order to prevent pollution and reduce environmental burdens.

  1. Thorough reduction of electricity consumption in offices
  2. Promotion of eco-driving
  3. Thorough sorted collection of waste material
  4. Active contribution to local environmental conservation activities of local communities and clients
  5. Increase of green purchasing rate of company-use equipment

②We will comply with environmental laws・ordinances・regulations and other requirements agreed upon by NISSO.

③We will make considerations for the utilization of sustainable resources・mitigation and adaption of climate change・protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

④In order to ensure that all employees are able to enhance their awareness of environmental conservation and fully comprehend our Environmental Policy, we will thoroughly disseminate, implement, maintain and continuously improve our environmental management system.

⑤We will periodically re-examine and disclose this Environmental Policy to the general public.

Ryuichi Shimizu
Representative Director, President & CEO
April 1, 2022 (3nd Edition Revision・Issue Date)

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