Shareholder Returns (Dividends‚ etc.)

Shareholder Returns (Dividends, etc.)

Profit Return Policy

NISSO considers the redistribution of profits to shareholders and the enhancement of corporate value as key management issues, taking into consideration the balance between securing funds for growth investments and strengthening the corporate structure that can respond to changes in the business environment. In addition, by setting the consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% as a general standard, NISSO basic policy is to continue to steadily redistribute profits to all of our shareholders.

Furthermore, although NISSO considers the year-end dividends as a general principle, the Articles of Incorporation stipulate that it is possible to distribute dividends of surplus twice a year as interim dividends and year-end dividends in order to enhance the redistribution of profits to shareholders. As the decision-making body, the Board of Directors is determined to make it possible to flexibly carry out the payment of interim dividends while taking into consideration performance trends and other factors.

Dividend Trends

FY 3/2018
FY 3/2019
FY 3/2020
FY 3/2021
Dividend(yen) 10.50 18.50 25.00 20.10
Payout ratio(%) 27.7 30.0 41.3 42.7
Payout ratio(%)
(Note)1. NISSO common stock was split at a ratio of 2 shares for 1 share on May 1, 2019. "Net income per share" and "diluted net income per share" are calculated assuming that the shares were split at the beginning of the previous fiscal year.
(Note) 2. Breakdown of dividends for FY 3/2021: Ordinary dividend of 15.10 yen, Commemorative dividend of 5.00 yen

Status of Acquisition of Treasury Shares, etc. (FY 3/ 2021)

(1) Status of Acquisition by Resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders
Not applicable.
(2) Status of Acquisition by Resolution of the Board of Directors
Not applicable.
(3) Content of Items Not Based on a Resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders or a Resolution of the Board of Directors
Not applicable.
(4) Number of Treasury Shares Held
Current fiscal year
Current period
Number of treasury shares held (shares)
The number of treasury shares held during the current period does not include the number of shares from the purchase of shares less than one share unit from June 1, 2021 to the date of submission of the Securities Report.

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