Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

1.Basic Policy

NISSO CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as "NISSO") complies with relevant laws and regulations such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Timely Disclosure Rules (hereinafter, "Timely Disclosure Rules") as prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter, “TSE”). We will disclose corporate information to our shareholders and investors in a timely and consistent manner, and will endeavor to make the information available to them equally.

2.Regarding Our Commitment to Fair Disclosure

NISSO will strictly adhere to the Fair Disclosure Rules, manage undisclosed, material information that may exert significant influence on investment decisions, and when conducting communications externally, we will strive to disclose information in a fair manner in order to ensure that it is not disclosed to only a portion of our business partners.

3.Prevention of Insider Trading

In order to prevent insider trading, NISSO will strive to thoroughly inform and raise the awareness of the entire Group about items to be observed, such as the appropriate management of material information and the buying and selling of shares, in accordance with internal regulations.

4.Methods of Information Disclosure

NISSO discloses information based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act by using 「EDINET (or Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork, an electronic disclosure system for disclosure documents such as financial statements based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act) 」 provided by the Financial Services Agency.

The disclosure of information that corresponds to the Timely Disclosure Rules will be made available on 「TDnet (or Timely Disclosure network, a timely disclosure information transmission system) 」 provided by the TSE.

Other material information will also be made available by using TDnet in a timely and appropriate manner. In any case, we will promptly disclose such items on our website.

Please note that the provision of information on our website may be delayed from the TDnet release dates due to the preparation of tools and systems.

From the viewpoint of ensuring the accuracy of information and the fairness of disclosure, NISSO has designated the Representative Director, President & CEO, Senior Executive Officers, and the Director of the Investor Relations Office as its spokespersons.
Statutory Disclosures
Disclosures based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act: Annual Securities Report, Quarterly Reports, Extraordinary Reports, etc.
Disclosures based on the Companies Act: (Business) Report, Non-consolidated Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements, etc.
Disclosures required by TSE
Timely disclosures: Decisions and occurrences that require timely disclosure as obligated by TSE, etc.
Other: Corporate Governance Report
Other information disclosures
IR-related disclosure materials (Financial Results Briefing Materials, etc.)

5.Regarding Future Prospects

In addition to the performance forecasts submitted to the TSE, on which NISSO is listed, we may disclose information on performance outlooks by other means.

Furthermore, the information that is disclosed may include information relating to plans, outlooks, strategies, etc.

Such information is deemed to be reasonable by the management executives of NISSO based on the information available at the time of preparation, and may include various risks and uncertainties.

Please be aware that actual performance may differ from these outlooks due to a variety of factors.

6.Regarding the Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leakage of financial results information and to ensure fairness of information disclosure, NISSO has set a "Quiet Period", for a 2 week period from the end of each fiscal period to the date of the financial results announcement. Please be advised that during this period, we will not respond to any comments or questions related to financial results.

However, in the event of an occurrence during the Quiet Period where outlooks affecting performance forecasts may differ significantly from expectations, we will disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.

7.Regarding Investment Decisions

The information provided on our website is intended to deepen the understanding of our business, in addition to financial and management information, and is not intended to solicit investment.

We kindly ask that you make decisions regarding investments at your own discretion.

8.Disclosure of Information to Third Parties and Performance Forecasts by Third Parties

NISSO will only make reference to facts which have already been released or otherwise well-known, or other information such as those relating to the general business environment.

In addition, we will not endorse any comments, performance forecasts, etc., about NISSO that are made by a third party.

9. 【Outline of the timely disclosure system (Format chart)】

10. Status of IR Activities

【April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021】
Individual interviews with institutional investors
120 times
Small meetings
0 times
Financial results briefings
4 times
Company briefings for individual investors
0 times
Overseas IR activities
0 times

11.Other Matters

When searching for information about NISSO on our website, please refer to both the Disclosure Policy hereinabove and the Disclaimer which has been provided for separately.

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