Medium-term Management Plan

Medium-term Management Plan

In the Medium-term Management Plan (3-year Plan), which started in FY 3/2019, the Company has steadily achieved results under the basic policy of "Aiming to raise unit costs and improve profitability through the assignment of skilled staff to important clients, centering on Account Companies".
However, in FY 3/2021, the spread of the new coronavirus infections (hereinafter, "COVID-19") had a major impact on its business operations.
In addition, technological innovations such as DX, a decrease in the labor force due to the declining birthrate and aging population, changes in worker demand and the diversification of work-styles, etc., have led to rapid and complex changes in the business environment, and management decisions will be required to be expedited.

Under these circumstances, the Company has formulated a new Medium-term Management Plan (hereinafter, the "New Medium-term Management Plan") for 3 years from FY 3/2022 to FY 3/2024, in order to enhance corporate value over the medium- to long-term, and to transform into a corporate group with high-growth potential.

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