Latest Business Results

Latest Business Results

Business Results

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FY 3/2020
FY 3/2021
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Increase/ Decrease
Net sales
Operating profit
Ordinary profit
Profit attributable to owners of parent

Although Japan's economy during the current consolidated fiscal year (hereinafter, the "period under review") has been in a severe situation due to the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus (hereinafter, "COVID-19"),economic activity was affected by the effects of various policies and improvements in overseas economies, while taking measures to prevent the spread of infections. Although there are signs of recovery, it is necessary to pay close attention to the effects of fluctuations in the financial and capital markets.

As for the business environment surrounding the Nisso Group (hereinafter, the "Group") has been improving as domestic manufacturers, who are NISSO CORPORATION's (hereinafter, the "Company") important clients, have shown signs of recovery as mentioned above. As for the automobiles-related industry, production remained firm, although there were effects such as temporary suspensions of operations due to the impact of the Fukushima earthquake that occurred in February 2021. With regard to the electronic devices industry, production of electronic components and devices has been on a recovery trend against the backdrop of increased demand for IT as a result of 5G and changes in work-styles. In addition, in the employment situation, movements such as the number of employees and other factors, have shown signs of resilience, and the needs of the Company's clients to utilize external human resources have also been increasing.

In this environment, based on its founding philosophy of "Nurturing and Bringing Out the Best in People", the Group will continue the following initiatives to realize the enhancement of its corporate value with the aim of creating workplaces where employees can work with a sense of satisfaction and flourish, and provide services that can contribute to its growth as a company.

In the period under review, in the manufacturing-related human resources services, which is the core business of the Group, under the strategy of focusing on the assignment of "skilled staff", who are indefinite-term employees, to Account Companies, that are positioned as important clients, the Company has been actively developing human resources by utilizing its own educational facilities to improve the skills and retention rates of its manufacturing staff.

In Other Businesses, the Group has been making efforts to improve its management structure by enhancing the quality of services provided at "Sweetpea", its nursing care facilities located in 6 locations in Yokohama, increasing the number of its residents, and promoting operational efficiency.

In addition, 399 million yen in subsidy income was generated from non-operating income. This was mainly due to subsidies for employment adjustment associated with the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, extraordinary losses of 449 million yen were recorded. This was due to a loss on valuation of investment securities and a loss on retirement of non-current assets.

As a result, the results of operations for the period under review are as follows: net sales of 68,213 million yen (down 9.0% year-on-year), operating profit of 2,599 million yen (down 15.1% year-on-year), ordinary profit of 2,949 million yen (down 6.4% year-on-year), and profit attributable to owners of parent amounted to 1,592 million yen (down 21.7% year-on-year).

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