Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities

Local Environmental Conservation Activities

As a member of the local community, we contribute to the revitalization and development of the economy by creating employment opportunities in the region, giving consideration to the environment, and participating in social contribution activities.

・Local cleanup activities are conducted twice a year. Cleaning of irrigation canals, mowing of grass in surrounding areas, picking up trash, etc., for about 30 minutes

・Clean-up activities around the Shin Yokohama Headquarters office (October, 2020)
・Regularly picking up trash along the national roads of NISSO's offices
・Participation in picking up trash along roads around client factories
・Sponsorship of "Lake Suwa Revitalization Activities“
  Aiming for a Lake Suwa where people and living things coexist and everyone wants to visit

Contribution to the Local Community through Heartfelt Nursing Care

Nisso Nifty started participating in the nursing care business in April 2004 with the aim of "contributing to society through community-based heartfelt nursing care". "Sweetpea" nursing care facilities have been nurtured to count 6 facilities in Yokohama City with the cooperation of many people, with the hope that elderly people and their families can continue to live enriched and fulfilling lives for a long time.
Through our nursing care business, we participate twice a year in the replanting of flowers in Enokido Park, which is a place of relaxation for locals and residents, in order to reduce the burden of nursing care on local families and to coexist with the local community, and have opportunities to interact with local residents. In addition, since November 2019, we have been participating in a "mobile sales" project in collaboration with AEON Food Service, and we have been supporting shopping for elderly people living alone and households raising children in the community.

Support for Local Sports

Co-sponsorship Agreement with Yokohama DeNA Baystars
The Nisso Group hopes to contribute to the revitalization of local sports and the development of the next generation through our support for sports Since 2018, NISSO has signed a co-sponsorship agreement with "Yokohama DeNA Baystars", and have acquired the annual right to use 4 box seats on their Party Sky Deck. In FY 3/2022, as part of our community contribution activities, we donated the "NISSO Party Sky Deck 2021 Season Tickets" to the Yokohama Rubber Baseball Association, and are contributing to their growth by providing opportunities for the children to see and feel the success of professional baseball players up close and be pleased.

Nisso Group and Athlete Employees
NISSO employs athletes who work diligently for their future as company employees. Through the support of athlete employees who are constantly challenging themselves toward high goals, we will enhance our sense of solidarity and revitalize the company. In addition, we provide advice on the success of the employee with disabilities (belonging to Nisso Pure) who works hard as a player of the Yokohama F Marinos Futuro football (soccer) team for the intellectually disabled.

Support of Kanagawa University Football Club
Since 2018, Nisso Brain Co., Ltd. has been supporting the Kanagawa University Football Club, which belongs to the second division of the Kanto University Football Association, and this year marks their fourth year as a supporter. In consideration of the spread of COVID-19 infections, only some of the matches in the second division of the Kanto University Football League Association will have spectators in 2020. Nisso Brain Co., Ltd. will continue to support the activities of the Kanagawa University Football Club, which aims to be promoted to the first division next fiscal year.
(Participation in disaster recovery volunteer activities in Chiba Prefecture where training camp was held[2019])
Cooperation for the "Kanagawa Local SDGs Cup"
Nisso Pure Co., Ltd., in cooperation with the Fulie Sports Club, produced original masks that reused the fabric of baseball shirts with the Yokohama FC logo. It was distributed to the players who participated in a children's event where soccer teams in Kanagawa Prefecture learned about "disaster prevention" and "SDGs" while enjoying soccer.
Co-sponsorship of Reconstruction Support Activities
NISSO also co-sponsored and supported the significance of the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support activities organized by the Fulie Sports Club this year, and assisted in helping children learn soccer from professional players.

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