Environment (Environmental Initiatives)

Basic View

Through a series of activities of human resources services, NISSO strives to preserve the global environment and prevent pollution, and aims to harmonize our business activities with the global environment. In addition, based on our Environmental Policy, our employees will continue to engage in continuous improvements.

Environmental Policy

Through a series of human resources services activities, NISSO has regarded global environmental conservation and pollution prevention as one of the most significant management issues. In order to achieve harmony with our business activities and the global environment, we have formulated this Environmental Policy. After recognizing the environmental impact caused by business activities, in accordance to the following basic policy, all employees will be actively involved in the creation of a recycling-oriented society as NISSO sets and re-examines environmental objectives and targets, co-exists with local communities and strives to make continuous improvements.

①With regards to business activities, we will devote our efforts to the following items in order to prevent pollution and reduce environmental burdens.

1. Thorough reduction of electricity consumption in offices
2. Promotion of eco-driving
3. Thorough sorted collection of waste material
4. Active contribution to local environmental conservation activities of local communities and clients
5. Increase of green purchasing rate of company-use equipment

②We will comply with environmental laws・ordinances・regulations and other requirements agreed upon by NISSO.

③We will make considerations for the utilization of sustainable resources・mitigation and adaption of climate change・protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

④In order to ensure that all employees are able to enhance their awareness of environmental conservation and fully comprehend our Environmental Policy, we will thoroughly disseminate, implement, maintain and continuously improve our environmental management system.

⑤We will periodically re-examine and disclose this Environmental Policy to the general public.

Environmental Management Structure

In 2005, NISSO acquired ISO14001 certification for management of manufacturing-related human resources services at our headquarters. Under the ISO14001 environmental management system, we have established an Environmental Policy with our President as the top management, formulated an environmental action plan, and are carrying out NISSO's environmental activities. We have established a system to provide feedback on the results of our activities to the top management and are implementing the PDCA cycle.
Through our annual management reviews, we confirm that the environmental management structure is appropriate, valid, and effective, and make continuous improvements.
On Climate Change
Climate change is a global issue that needs to be addressed through business-related activities in accordance with the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" adopted at the United Nations Summit and the "Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)" established by the G20 Financial Stability Board (FSB). The Nisso Group has also begun initiatives aimed to achieve sustainable corporate development.

Risk Management
The impact of climate change in the Nisso Group can be attributed, for example, to the impact on the working conditions of dispatching and business contracting due to the suspension of factories of our business partners as a result of abnormal weather conditions such as large typhoons and storms.また、In addition, based on the impact on dispatching and business contracting clients, we analyze and evaluate risks appropriately and respond to them by linking risk management with our Risk・Compliance Subcommittee, which establishes and operates a system to manage compliance and risks in all corporate activities. We comprehensively judge and take measures based on 3 items: degree of risk, probability of occurrence, and degree of impact.
Participation in the Empty Contact Lens Case Recycling Campaign
Since March 11, 2021, NISSO has been participating in HOYA CORPORATION's "Eyecity Eco Project".
・ "Environmental conservation through recycling of empty cases"
  … Reduction of CO2 emissions through recycling
・ "Support for the independence and employment of people with disabilities"
  … Support for recycling, such as removing aluminum seals from recovered empty cases
・ "Donation to the Japan Eye Bank Association"
  … Donation of all proceeds from purchases by recycling companies to the Japan Eye Bank Association
Activities based on NISSO's Environmental Policy
As part of our efforts to conserve the global environment, NISSO is promoting eco-driving. The aim is to reduce the burden on the environment. Specifically, we are reducing the use of unnecessary resources by reducing the use of gasoline in automobiles and reducing the number of auto parts replaced by reducing traffic accidents. Starting from 2021, we have been expanding our activities to locations throughout Japan where automobile use is high to further reduce our impact on the environment. In addition, in order to raise environmental awareness, we carry out new employee education and regular ISO14001 education.
Activities and targets to prevent pollution and reduce environmental impacts
Thorough reduction of electricity consumption in offices (electricity usage)
(Target) Maintain status quo from FY 3/2021
(Actual) Approximately 1.9% reduction
Improvement of fuel efficiency through eco-driving (fuel efficiency))
(Target) Maintain status quo from FY 3/2021
(Actual) Approximately 6.1% deterioration
The cause of the deterioration was due to the reduction of long-term business trips as a result of COVID-19 infection measures
Thorough sorted collection of waste material (waste disposal costs)
(Target) Limit to 1.6 million yen from FY 3/2021
(Actual) Approximately 0.23 million yen increase
The cause of the increase was due to the disposal of unnecessary desks, chairs, etc.
Thorough purchase of green products (purchasing rate)
(Target) Aim for purchasing rate of 95% or more
(Actual) 95%
Thorough reduction of paper in offices (paper usage)
(Target) Maintain status quo from FY 3/2021
(Actual) Approximately 44.5% reduction
Thorough water saving in offices (water usage)
(Target) Maintain status quo from FY 3/2021
(Actual) Approximately 18.1% reduction

Based on these achievements, we have set targets for the next fiscal year and are working in cooperation with our business.

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