CSR Concepts (Materiality)

Toward the Selection of Key CSR Issues

In accordance with our founding philosophy of "Nurturing and Bringing Out the Best in People", the Nisso Group aims to create a workplace where working people can work and grow, as well as to provide services that can contribute to our growth as a company. In order to enhance the corporate value of the Nisso Group, we will respect laws and social rules, and conduct CSR activities aimed at realizing a sustainable society.
Process for Identifying Key CSR Issues
The Nisso Group will continue to support the "working people" with the aim of allowing each and every employee to challenge infinite possibilities and continue working with enthusiasm. In addition, "responding to changes in society and industrial structures" is an important issue that the Nisso Group must respond to. In order to solve these issues, we will reinforce governance, which is the foundation of all companies, and will realize a sustainable society.
To put it into practice, we have identified key issues in accordance with the following process:
Step 1 Extraction of Materiality (Key Issues) 
Based on the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards, the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and the United Nations Global Compact, we have extracted social issues that are highly relevant to Nisso Group's business.

Step 2 Evaluation of Importance from the Perspective of NISSO and our stakeholders
Based on Step 1, we selected social issues in terms of importance to our stakeholders and importance to NISSO, and identified issues that should be prioritized.

Step 3 Confirmation by the Sustainability Subcommittee
The Sustainability Subcommittee, which belongs to the Corporate Value Enhancement Committee, exchanged opinions on the issues in Step 2, and selected their materiality (key issues).

Step 4 Discussions and Decisions by Management
The materiality selected was decided after the exchange of opinions with management through the Corporate Value Enhancement Committee and the Board of Directors.

Step 5 Association with SDGs
We linked the identified materiality with the related SDGs.
Mapping of Key CSR Issues

Sustainability Policy and Materiality(Key Issues)

■ Sustainability Policy
In order to achieve our mission of "Creating opportunities and hopes for people to work", the Nisso Group aims to achieve sustainable business growth and realize a sustainable society by establishing policies on human rights, labor, the environment, health and safety, and ethics, and advancing initiatives to solve social issues through the provision of Human Resources Solution Services that support the growth of companies and workers.
■ Materiality (Key Issues)
Based on our Sustainability Policy, the Nisso Group considers that it is important to contribute to society and the environment through our business, and has identified materiality (key issues) with the aim of achieving both social and corporate value.

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