CSR Concepts (Top Message)

CSR Concepts (Top Message)

NISSO CORPORATION was founded in 1971, and we celebrated our 50th Anniversary in February 2021. Under our founding philosophy of "Nurturing and Bringing Out the Best in People", we have been supporting MONOZUKURI (manufacturing) from the human side for over 50 years. The Nisso Group believes that people are our greatest assets and the most fundamental and important resources for providing services, and based on respect for human rights and observance of compliance, we are engaged in "human development", taking into account the aptitude of each individual and every individual, and the creation of an environment where workers can flourish with a sense of satisfaction.

The Nisso Group and SDGs

The environment that surrounds us is changing rapidly. Due to the increased risks of natural disasters caused by climate change, such as global warming, and pollution problems, such as marine plastics, warnings are being given to the sustainable potential of various businesses. In addition, we are now facing new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections that have expanded worldwide. As a result, various changes are occurring in our lives, such as new work-styles and new lifestyles.Furthermore, with the evolution of technologies such as AI, IoT, and 5G, everything is being digitized, and the need to transform business models is being questioned. The impact of the evolution of technology is said to be particularly significant for the manufacturing industry, and in order to respond to these changes, we believe that it is a management issue to consider IT and business as one, and to formulate strategies for creating new value.In order for a company to respond to these changes and achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to carry out management and business development that emphasizes the needs of society from a long-term perspective. To this end, in addition to strengthening governance and addressing management risks, we will strive to pursue sustainability in our business operations with the aim of acquiring new business opportunities.

Nurturing and Bringing Out the Best in People

We have put into practice management that values "people" above all else in order to realize our founding philosophy of "Nurturing and Bringing Out the Best in People". Believing in the potential of each and every employee, challenging infinite possibilities, and developing, will lead to our growth as a company.We believe that by recognizing and utilizing the diverse values and individuality of each employee and creating a system that maximizes their abilities, and by continuing to create a workplace that is comfortable and pleasant to work in, we will be able to realize an environment where people can grow and live.

Toward the Realization of "Creating Opportunities and Hopes for People to Work"

With Human Resources Solution Services that support the growth of companies and people, the Nisso Group upholds the mission of "creating opportunities and hopes for people to work".In the midst of major changes such as changes in the global and social environments, we have established a structure that enables us to speed up management decisions in order to achieve sustainable growth. In addition, we have defined the "Materiality" (Key Issues) to achieve our vision of "To transform into a corporate group with high-growth potential" as "Creating a comfortable workplace", "Responding to social changes and changes in the industrial structure", and "Strengthening governance". In order to realize "Creating a comfortable workplace", we will clarify what a rewarding workplace is, and make improvements in accordance with the characteristics of our business. In order to realize "Responding to social changes and changes in the industrial structure", we will accelerate investment in rapidly changing business environments such as diversity and DX, aiming for changes to a business structure that is resistant to economic fluctuations. In addition, in order to realize "Strengthening governance", we will strengthen corporate governance, promote compliance management, and develop a risk management system.

Aiming for the Realization of a Sustainable Society

Based on the perspective of ESG (Environment, Social {Society}, and Governance), the Nisso Group believes that it is of the utmost importance to respond to the demands of society by implementing the "Sustainable Development Goals" that SDGs strive for. Based on stakeholder engagement, we aim to solve social issues by setting concrete plans and targets.Going forward, we will continue to engage in corporate activities with the aim of contributing to the resolution of social issues through our business, and achieving sustainable growth together with society. In addition, we will strive to enhance corporate value by promoting human development in line with the new era, and will continue to take on challenges to contribute to the growth of the working people and the future of Japan.
Ryuichi Shimizu
Representative Director, President & CEO

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