FAQs for Individuals

Where can I find new graduate recruitment information?
Please refer to the 2019 New Graduate Recruitment Site. (in Japanese only)
Does NISSO conduct mid-career recruitment?
Mid-career recruitment is conducted on a frequent basis. For details, please refer to the Recruitment Information section of this website. (in Japanese only)
Do you provide foreign language support?
We are planning to support foreign languages on sequential basis. Please kindly wait for further updates.
Regarding requests for interviews
If you would like to schedule an interview with NISSO, please contact the Relations Management Division (or PR・IR Department) by e-mail or telephone. In addition, if you have a proposal for the interview, please send it together with your request. After confirmation of the contents, one of our representatives will contact you. Please note that it may take a few days before you receive a reply.
Please provide information regarding personal information protection
NISSO has acquired certification of the PrivacyMark in accordance with "Personal information protection management systems-Requirements (JIS Q 15001:2006)", and is continuously taking measures to protect personal information. Please refer to NISSO's Privacy Policy for details.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail here

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