Participation in Regional Events

NISSO participates in local events held in areas throughout the country where our branch offices are located, including our headquarters, and is engaged in exchanges with local residents and activities to liven up the communities.

  • Atsugi Gourmet Festa
  • Thanks to the Port (Yokohama Port Opening Festival)
  • Vietnam Festa in Kanagawa
  • WARAJI Festival (Fukushima)
  • Yuru-Chara® Grand Prix (Costumed mascot character popularity contest)
  • etc

Community Clean-up Activities

NISSO regularly carries out clean-up activities around our various office buildings and facilities in areas throughout the country where our branch offices are located, including our headquarters.

Lectures Given by Employees

We conduct lectures based on the expertise accumulated by NISSO employees who have extensive business experiences.

  • The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's commissioned project, Local Youth Support Station "Lectures for Professionals" (Omiya Business Office)
  • Japan Production Skill Labor Association-sponsored, "Sales Capabilities Strengthening Seminar" (Relations Management Division)
  • Shikoku District Transport Bureau, Maritime Promotion Department “FY 2017 Small and Medium Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industries Management Technology Seminar” Lecture

Contributions to Sporting Events

NISSO is committed to supporting sports promotion activities in various areas, including our headquarters, as well as supporting employees who are engaged in sports.

  • Support for Wheelchair Twin Basketball

Activities of Our Special-purpose Subsidiary, Nisso Pure

Nisso Pure, a special-purpose subsidiary of NISSO, is responsible for the employment of people with disabilities, and has received the highest level of accreditation from the Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) for the fifth consecutive year for its commitment to promoting the employment of people with disabilities and efforts to contribute to local communities.
In addition, Nisso Pure has received the “Yokohama Good Balance Award~ Ideal Small and Medium-sized Business to Work and Raise Children~” accreditation from the City of Yokohama.

Other Activities

In addition to the above, NISSO is engaged in environmental activities and activities contributing to local communities

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