Entrusted Training

By entrusting their training to NISSO, clients will be able to reduce their burden regarding preparations・operation of training and seminars.
The entrusted training service provided by NISSO is introduced here.

About Each Service

Entrusted Education and Training

With this service, NISSO takes advantage of the company-held education and training facilities throughout the country to provide employee training on behalf of local governments and companies.
We propose our own, customized training curriculums from perspectives unique to companies engaged in MONOZUKURI (manufacturing).
We are able to handle a variety of training programs intended for new employees and/or managerial personnel.
We are also able to dispatch NISSO's instructors to clients.

Service Features・Strengths

Unique training utilizing our MONOZUKURI expertise
From the wide range of viewpoints that are distinctive of human resources service companies, we propose unique training programs from a
different perspective than those of our clients' businesses.
Those who participate in NISSO's training programs will be able to acquire ideas and skills unique to MONOZUKURI, which can also be applied to
everyday work.
Possession of education and training facilities throughout the country
In addition to the "Nisso Technical Center Higashi-Nihon" in Miyagi Prefecture, which was renewed as an education and training facility by leasing a
closed-down elementary school, we possess education and training facilities throughout the country, and conduct training in line with the
purpose of our clients.

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