Human Resources Dispatching・Employment Placement Dispatching

By utilizing our human resources dispatching services, it will be possible to reduce work related to recruitment activities and labor management.
The various dispatching services provided by NISSO are introduced here.

About Each Service

Skilled Staff Dispatching
(Indefinite-term Dispatching)

We have positioned work-ready personnel with a basic knowledge of MONOZUKURI (manufacturing) as skilled staff.
Since they are full-time employees of NISSO, they can be utilized in the long-term without restrictions to their period of employment. With skilled staff, we provide high-quality services that combine both knowledge and skills.

Manufacturing Dispatching

With this service, NISSO dispatches personnel who match with MONOZUKURI environments and manufacturing sites.
This service can be utilized according to the busyness of clients' work.
We are able to respond to a variety of processes ranging from each individual process in the manufacturing stage such as assembly of parts, painting, welding, operation of machinery, to subsequent inspection work.

Engineer Dispatching

With this service, NISSO dispatches personnel who are responsible for duties such as manufacturing equipment maintenance, other maintenance operations, and mechanical design work.
We have a lot of experience and achievements with electronic components manufacturers, in areas such as semiconductors and secondary batteries, as well as an abundant track record in mechanical design that includes automobiles manufacturers, in areas such as machine tools and robots.
Furthermore, we are able to dispatch engineers who can cope with a variety of tasks, such as identifying problems and improving current production systems, in addition to launching new lines of contracts.

Dispatching w. Management Functions(Supervisor Dispatching)

With this service, NISSO dispatches personnel who assume an auxiliary role to the client's manufacturing supervisor・worksite manager, together with personnel who work at manufacturing sites.
By taking responsibility of auxiliary work related to worksite management, and by reducing the workload of clients through the implementation of integrated management of NISSO's dispatched personnel, it will be possible to optimize management structures.
We realize close communication with our dispatched personnel, as well as clients at worksites, and will support the realization of smooth operations by minimizing losses due to changes even when a sudden increases in production or personnel are required.

General Dispatching

As part of the many MONOZUKURI-related operational support functions, with this service, NISSO dispatches personnel to administrative departments that support production activities.
We will respond promptly according to clients' requests, such as sudden personnel departures and vacancies due to reshuffling of personnel.

Employment Placement Dispatching
(Temp to Perm Dispatching)

With this service, NISSO dispatches personnel for a maximum of 6 months, and allows clients to directly hire dispatched personnel after determining whether or not they are a match with regards to the work, the corporate culture, and the working environment.
By establishing an "assessment period" for both the client and dispatched personnel, the reduction of mismatches after hiring are made possible.

Service Features・Strengths

Management structure that is close-knit with clients
NISSO's sales representatives, or "Site Supervisors" will frequently and diligently visit clients.
In addition to having daily interactions with clients, our Site Supervisors will be mindful of their communications and the healthcare management of dispatched staff, and will meticulously carry out labor management in close cooperation with clients.
Fulfilling educational systems
NISSO possesses educational facilities throughout the country, including 2 facilities in Miyagi Prefecture that have been certified as Accredited Polytechnic
Through specialized training at each of our facilities, we develop human resources with a high awareness of "MONOZUKURI".
Nationwide response capabilities
NISSO operates branch offices throughout the country, and is able to respond to the needs of clients by capitalizing on our nationwide network.
We will respond flexibly to the dispatching of personnel across prefectures, such as to neighboring prefectures or distant places, and to large-scale personnel demands during peak periods or events.

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