Recruitment (Employment Placement)

By utilizing our recruitment services, clients will be able to save the effort of having to post job-opening information on recruitment-related media,
submitting job postings to employment security offices, interviewing・selecting candidates, etc.
The various recruitment services provided by NISSO are introduced here.

About Each Service

Recruitment (Operators・Office Workers, etc.)

When clients require directly-employed personnel at their manufacturing sites, with this service, NISSO handles recruitment tasks and introduces personnel according to the clients' requests・specifications.
We are able to solve clients' issues such as:
"We want to conduct mass-hiring but it's difficult to do at our company" and "We want to reduce various costs related to recruitment".

Recruitment (Managers・Specialists, etc.)

With this service, NISSO introduces high-added value personnel to clients, including managers, overseas sales, and system engineers.
NISSO's dedicated consultants select and introduce personnel who match the requests・specifications of clients, so they are able to meet valuable human resources who may have not been found through their company's recruitment alone.

Service Features・Strengths

Diverse recruiting channels
With our unique recruitment channels, including "Kojo Kyujin Navi", NISSO's own recruiting medium, and approximately 70 locations nationwide,
we can promptly introduce personnel who meet the needs of our clients.
Significant reduction of clients’ burden
Based on the recruitment plans of our clients, our sales representatives and dedicated consultants will endeavor toward their realization through efforts such
as recruitment planning, recruitment through the placement of ads on various media, the implementation of new proposals through the analysis of results, etc., and in doing so, they will significantly reduce the burden on clients and realize efficient recruitment activities.
In addition, clients will be able to obtain maximum cost-effectiveness since this is a "contingency fee-type" service.
Ability to introduce hard-to-find personnel
We introduce a wide variety of human resources who are engaged in MONOZUKURI in general, not only those working on-site, such as in manufacturing lines.
Our dedicated consultants will respond with their utmost efforts to requests for hard-to-find personnel with higher added value.

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