Inquiries・Flow of Use

The following is the introduction of the flow from inquiry to the start of service use.

01Inquiry Please feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any problems or questions.
01Hearing regarding current status and challenges We will ask you about your company’s current challenges and requests in detail.
If the contents of your request have been decided, please let us know about the details of your desired service and personnel, the job contents, period of use, and etc.
01Proposal We will propose the best suited service for your challenges and needs based on what we learned at the hearing.
01Meeting prior to service implementation A meeting will be held prior to the conclusion of a basic agreement between your company and NISSO.
After conclusion, services will officially be started, and various expenses will be incurred.
In principle, fees will not have to be paid until the start of services.

Start of service use

  • Since the amount of time until the assignment of personnel varies depending on the content of clients' challenges, the skills required of personnel, and the scale of recruitment, please consult with us regarding due dates, etc., for urgent inquiries.
  • For services requiring 10+ ~ 100+ personnel, please refer to the separate planning chart.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience, but for urgent inquiries, please contact us by phone.

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