Labor Management Support

"Labor Management Support" is a service where NISSO undertakes the labor-related tasks of clients regarding directly-hired employees.
By utilizing labor management support, clients will be able to concentrate on their core businesses.
The labor management support services provided by NISSO are introduced here.

About Each Service

Recruitment Agent Services

Based on the recruitment plans of our clients, NISSO will support recruitment-related tasks, from recruitment planning and the placement of ads on various media, to the acceptance of entry applications, application documents screening,
scheduling of interviews, and communication with applicants, but excluding the final interview and any hiring decisions.

Labor Management Agent Services

NISSO will support the tasks arising from labor management, such as the implementation of training when clients' employees are hired, education and training required for other placements, distribution of necessary equipment for work, such as work clothes・helmets, etc., in addition to the arrangement and implementation of regular health examinations.

Company Housing Management Agent Services

NISSO will support the tasks required for dormitory・company housing management, such as the arrangement of company housing to be used by clients' employees, confirmation of real estate contracts, handling of procedures for essential utilities and problems that may occur in everyday life, attendance at times when initially entering or vacating housing, settlement of security deposits, and the conducting of various negotiations such as for repair costs, etc.

Vehicle Operation Management Agent Services

NISSO will support the tasks required for vehicle operation management, such as the arrangement of transportation vehicles and drivers used by clients' employees, devisal of optimal transportation routes, and the operational management of vehicles.

Service Features・Strengths

Flexible handling of clients' worries・ requests
By taking advantage of our long-standing experience in manufacturing-related human resources services, we will provide flexible responses that grasp
the worries・requests of our clients.
Also able to provide large-scale labor management support
NISSO is also capable of providing labor management support for hundreds of personnel.
We will support a variety of complicated labor-related tasks with our abundant response capabilities, and create an environment where clients can devote themselves to their core businesses.
Ability to utilize our nationwide network
By leveraging our network of the various locations we operate nationwide, we are able to provide services to our clients at the location of their choice.
For example, clients who have received our consultation in Tokyo are able to receive the provision of our services in Kyushu.

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