Based on the expertise that NISSO has acquired from our experiences of providing solutions and creating examples of success for our clients,
we provide support related to the establishment of contracting sites.
The consulting service provided by NISSO is introduced here.

About Each Service

Contracting Consulting

With this service, NISSO provides optimal consulting for clients with worries such as:
"We'd like to change the work currently being handled by dispatching to contracting, but we don't know where to start..."
"We'd like to use contracting, but what should we be careful about?"
By leveraging the expertise and experiences from being engaged in the contracting business from our inception,
we will propose solutions that are suitable for each client.

Service Features・Strengths

Practical advice utilizing our hands-on experiences
NISSO has an abundance of experience and achievements in manufacturing contracting that we have cultivated since our inception.
We make the most of our experiences and expertise to provide practical advice that is tailored to the needs and circumstances of our clients.
Well-trusted advice from our commitment to compliance
NISSO obtained the "Superior Manufacturing Contractors Certification" from the initial year of its inception.
We have developed our contracting business in line with strict guidelines, and are able to offer highly trusted proposals that adhere to compliance.
Proposing worksite environments with a high level of safety
At NISSO, we emphasize safety above anything else in the operation of contracting sites, and maintain a high level of safety at all times.
Based on these achievements, our consultants with extensive experience will provide advice to our clients on how to improve their contracting sites,
and will strive to realize a safe working environment.

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