With the expertise that NISSO has cultivated over many years since our inception, we are committed to the MONOZUKURI (manufacturing), quality control,
improvement activities, and the safety and health of our clients. We will realize the reduction of our client’s total costs by improving productivity.
The contracting services provided by NISSO are introduced here.

About Each Service

Manufacturing Contracting

With this service, NISSO undertakes the production process at the client's factories.
We are able to undertake either partial or batch (all-in) contracting of production processes.
As a "Superior Manufacturing Contractor", NISSO has brought on a reliable operating structure,
and will achieve total productivity enhancement including safety and health, quality control, and improvement activities.

Maintenance・Design Work Contracting

With this service, NISSO undertakes the maintenance-related operations and mechanical design work of manufacturing facilities and equipment.
We are able to respond to various requests such as maintenance operations
(preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, troubleshooting)
of the entire process of production lines, as well as facility improvements, 3D modeling and blueprint creations of machinery, car parts and components.

Service Features・Strengths

Reduction of total costs
Since NISSO will administer the recruitment, hiring, welfare programs, various insurances, and payrolls of the contracting process, as well as the placement of worksite command-givers, it will be possible for clients to reduce their personnel expenses and other costs.
In addition, intermittent improvements of production processes will lead to the reduction of total costs through productivity enhancements.
Ability to propose improvements by utilizing many years of expertise
By utilizing the expertise of NISSO, which has been engaged in contracting work at manufacturing sites since our inception, we will propose improvements
based on the corporate culture and worksite rules of our clients.
Enabling the focus on core business
By outsourcing simple work processes or specific processes, clients will be able to integrate their valuable resources into more important core operations.

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