Commitment to Quality

Approach to NISSO Quality

At NISSO, we put quality first in order to truly satisfy our clients.
Our focus is to have our employees feel a sense of satisfaction and joy. We are concentrating our efforts on the establishment of a good workplace,
and therefore achieving the enhancement of quality.

Quality-related Education through OJT and Off-JT

NISSO provides thorough quality-related education to employees through both OJT and Off-JT. During OJT, we implement practical education tailored to each client's worksite. During Off-JT, we conduct quality-related education using NISSO's original textbooks. We strive to enhance
quality by conducting detailed education in both theory and practice.
At the same time, in order to establish a structure in which all employees can receive
appropriate quality-related education at suitable times, we are training some employees to
become instructors, and making efforts to raise the standards of their educational capabilities.

Quality Control in
Everyday Operations

Visualization of Quality

We aggregate work data on a daily basis, and "visualize" quality. We strive to achieve quality targets of each worksite. In addition, by checking the conditions of each worksite on a daily basis,
we are able to detect abnormalities at an early stage,
and are able to prevent any variations in quality.
Furthermore, we have created a "skills map" that lists the
skill items required at each worksite, and the degree of their
attainment. We strive to achieve our quality targets by closely
grasping the skills acquisition status of each individual,
and through their effective placements and follow-ups.

Enhancing Awareness
and Motivation

Improvement Cases Presentation Conferences

As a pioneer in the industry, NISSO has introduced, continued,
and developed TQC (Total Quality Control) activities since the
1980's, and has set up a forum for the presentation of
improvement cases of MONOZUKURI worksites.
Each year, the top teams that win through the qualifying rounds
for each area get the chance to present the results of their daily
improvement activities at the company-wide "Improvement
Cases Presentation Conference". We share the expertise that
we have cultivated at each worksite within the company,
and have created a structure that allows employees to be
inspired, to recognize their own capabilities and new values,
and to continue to have passion for their work.

Backup Structure

Voluntary Research and Training

In addition to the daily improvement activities at each worksite,
NISSO continuously conducts "Voluntary Research and Training" as an improvement activity aiming to rise to higher levels.
The purpose of "Voluntary Research and Training" is to increase
the productivity of workplaces by voluntarily researching their areas for improvement, putting into practice such improvements,
and to have employees play leading roles in order to
grow through such activities. We have established a
comprehensive follow-up structure in each area which is
comprised of specialized departments and manufacturer alums
engaged in MONOZUKURI, and are making efforts to
maintain・improve quality through a company-wide backup

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