Support for Diverse
Career Formation

NISSO offers a variety of career choices and provides a structure・environment where one can fully demonstrate the skills they have cultivated.
We also support the career formation of employees through qualification acquisition support and career management.

For growth through work and people

NISSO aims to grow through work and people.
We emphasize the creation of an environment in which each and every employee working
at our company is able to nurture and fully demonstrate their individual capabilities,
motivation, and individuality.
Therefore, NISSO offers various work styles and career choices, and supports career
formation by honestly facing and giving attention to everyday communication.

Career Paths

There are many work style options at NISSO.
As well as becoming a professional in a certain area of business, it is possible to aim for a wide range of careers based on one's aptitude and aspirations,
such as changing careers from the automobiles to the electronic device industry, or changing careers from manufacturing to engineering, etc.

各資格取得者人数 衛生管理者:335名 QC検定:147名(単年度) 自主保全士:84名(単年度)

Qualification Acquisition

NISSO internally promotes the acquisition of qualifications related to quality control,
such as the QC Examination (Certification) and Jishu Hozenshi (Autonomous Maintenance Operator), as well as "Class-1 Health Officer", which is a national certification.
We encourage all of our employees to acquire qualifications as an effort to deepen their
understanding of MONOZUKURI (manufacturing), and provide support such as paying for
examination fees.

Career Management

By regularly keeping tabs on things such as qualification licenses, educational attendance records, work experiences and practical skills, NISSO strives to
facilitate career formation through the placement of the right personnel in the
right positions, and the development of human resources.

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