Initiatives for Human
Resources Development

Concept of Human Resources Development

Everyone who works at NISSO becomes a professional in their field

NISSO aims to realize our vision of "To Be the Be Finest Professional Organization Supporting Made-in-Japan",
and we are concentrating our efforts on the development of human resources above all.
Through the synergistic effects of Off-JT, which leads learning into practice, and OJT, which leads practice into growth,
NISSO continuously produces a large number of human resources who can contribute to MONOZUKURI (manufacturing).

Leading Learning into Practice

Learn theories and examples, and gain awareness.
Clearly define objectives, and acquire skills
that can be put to practice.

Leading Practice into Growth

Accumulate experience through practical opportunities.
Daily originality and ingenuity leads to the
growth of individuals

Features of Education

In order to nurture human resources who have the
combination of both knowledge and skills,
NISSO emphasizes practical training as well as classroom
learning In particular, we place our emphasis on the
strengthening of operational management capabilities of
worksites (management reinforcements) and the
strengthening of skills・technologies that are required at
worksites(technical reinforcements), in addition to
developing systematic approaches to education based on
the practices at worksites. By setting up education and
training facilities throughout the country as a foundation to
support these systematic approaches to education, we are
achieving the effective development of human resources.

Management Reinforcements

Production Management

With regards to MONOZUKURI worksites, improvements are constantly being made with the aim of improving
productivity. At NISSO, the specialized knowledge and skills required at MONOZUKURI worksites are classified into
3 different courses: Basic, Advanced, and Expert.
Through education using original textbooks, NISSO nurtures human resources who are capable of adapting to various

Indirect Department

We also focus on training "Site Supervisors" who are
responsible for labor management at MONOZUKURI
worksites. NISSO regularly conducts education that enables the acquisition of advanced knowledge such as laws and
regulations, including basic knowledge and approaches
necessary for labor management. We also provide education to enable the acquisition of necessary knowledge・skills
necessary for each stage, such as for newly hired and
mid-level employees, as well as for executive/management personnel.

Technical Reinforcements

Production-related Training

In order to enable the acquisition of skills such as assembly, painting, and inspection that are required at MONOZUKURI worksites, we have prepared environments similar to
production sites and conduct practical training.

Technical Training

Equipment Technology

From the basic knowledge of MONOZUKURI in
manufacturing sites, the basics of electricity and drafting,
as well as the practical skills of maintenance and
troubleshooting, can be trained in a state closer to actual
practices by utilizing the equipment used at worksites.
NISSO provides follow-up instruction for inexperienced
people, starting with the basics, such as how to handle
industrial tools, up until the acquisition of skills to the level where they can play an active role at worksites.

Mechanical Design

Based on the basics of mechanical design・mechanical
drafting and the knowledge of processing and materials,
NISSO is engaged in creating more practical training by
devising a systematic curriculum from basic 3D CAD
operation to itsapplication. We have a proven track record of developing a great number of those where were once
inexperienced in this field, and also provide follow-ups to
them following their assignment to our clients.

Education and Training Facilities

Possession of fully-equipped education and training facilities throughout the country

We are engaged in human resources development at education and training facilities located throughout the country.
Nisso Technical Center Higashi-Nihon and Tohoku Technical Center have also been designated as Accredited Polytechnic Schools by Miyagi Prefecture.

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