Safe・Reliable Operating

In the long history of NISSO, the thing that has not changed since our inception is
to come face-to-face with our clients to create worksites.
Our "Worksite Management Structure", which supports such a position, is introduced here.

NISSO-type Worksite Creation

In order to ensure and improve production and quality, NISSO is committed to worksite maintenance
with the awareness of Q (Quality-), C (Cost-), D (Delivery-), and S (Safety-) management.
We are creating a structure that emphasizes compliance at worksites.

  • Personnel and Labor

    As a responsibility of a company that hires
    employees, NISSO will manage・maintain all out-of-process employment environments, such as
    personnel and labor, dormitory life,
    and transportation.
  • In-process Management

    As a responsibility of a company that is in the
    forefront of MONOZUKURI (manufacturing),
    we will manage・construct an independent
    chain of command structure with the worksite
  • Health and Safety

    As a responsibility to protect the safety・health of our employees, we will promote the strict
    enforcement of systematic and effective activities, and autonomous health and safety
    management through PDCA (Plan–Do–Check–Act).

Branch Office Operational Structure

NISSO has sales offices from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south, and is able to conduct business at a location in close proximity with our clients.
Since our inception, we have always come face-to-face with our clients, and have established a management・operational structure with the realization of their needs in mind.

Role of Site Supervisors and Worksite Managers

"Site Supervisors", who assume out-of-process leadership roles, and "Worksite Managers" who assume in-process leadership roles,
have been positioned to serve very important functions at NISSO.
In order to provide stable operations and retention rates that satisfy all of our clients, we conduct thorough education for all supervisors・managers,
and maintain a structure that enables each supervisor・manager to carry out a high-level of management by setting up maximal backup structures at headquarters and branch offices.
In addition, we regularly conduct education and implement initiatives such as acquisition of legal knowledge and production improvement activities,
so that we can respond appropriately to client concerns and consultative matters.

Out-of-process Management
environment improvement
Workplace patrols, review and improvement
Employee support Acceptance education, livelihood support
Contract management Data management, contract management
Building relationships
w. clients
Regular meetings, sales activities
In-process Management
Operational guidance Workplace management, education, production management, quality control
Labor management Creation of comfortable workplaces, personnel (manpower) management, attendance
management, improvement of workplace
Health and safety
Hazard prevention training,
health management・disease prevention,
5S promotion, workplace patrols, disaster
prevention, education plan preparation

Creation of Workplace Environments through Health and Safety Activities

One of the most important tasks performed by supervisors・managers is the creation of workplace environments through health and safety activities.
NISSO places the highest priority on employee safety and health, and continuously conducts activities aimed at promoting the formation of
comfortable workplace environments.

Activities based on fiscal year plans

・Mental healthcare activities
・Risk assessments
・Hiyari hatto (near-miss reporting) activities
・Hazard prevention training activities

Activities during workplace inspections

・Safety checks (machinery-related accidents, falls)
・Sanitation checks (workplace environments・hazardous material handling)
・4S checks

Traffic safety activities

・Lookout activities
・Traffic warning maps
・Vehicle 4S inspections
・SAS (Sleep Apnea Syndrome) checks

Activities based on laws and ordinances

・Implementation of Health and Safety Committee
・Implementation of physical examinations
・Implementation of stress checks
・Risk assessments (chemical substances)

Other (annual events・awareness activities)

・National Safety Week
・National Occupational Health Week
・Year-end and New Year "Zero Accident" Campaign
・Heat stroke prevention measures
・Distribution of Safety Newspaper

Consultation Services to Support Various Troubles・Worries

As part of NISSO's mental health care activities, we have set up 2 consultation services,
"Workplace Consultation" and "Health Consultation", for the maintenance and enhancement
of mental and physical health.
By providing counseling for various troubles・worries, such as new interpersonal
relationships, unfamiliar work・dormitory life, and accumulated fatigue, we have created an
environment where once can concentrate on their tasks with a piece of mind.

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