Unique Recruitment

Originality and ingenuity in recruitment

We would like for those who are thinking about working at our company to fully understand and be satisfied with NISSO and their jobs before beginning their work with us.
With that in mind, NISSO is creatively working to provide jobseekers with a high level of satisfaction on a daily basis.
For example, we are creating more encounters for people and jobs by enhancing the contents of job postings, facilitating communication in interviews,
and providing work styles tailored to the needs of the job search market.

Recruitment structure that take advantage of economies of scale

NISSO has set up over 70 offices and facilities nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and has placed interview personnel in each location.
We provide detailed follow-up to registrants.
In addition, we have established a follow-up system that allows for temporary response
capabilities even in areas where NISSO's offices are not located.

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Creation of a wide range of work styles

Wanting to commute from home, wanting to start living alone,
wanting to experience a variety of industries,
wanting to work as long as possible...etc.
The needs for work styles are becoming diversified.
NISSO constantly grasps the needs of the job search market, and has prepared work styles that are able to respond to such needs.
For example, "Skilled Staff", who NISSO has introduced, are region-restricted
regular employees. We would like for potential employees to work steadily with a high level of motivation, and for them to acquire new skills.
These are the ideas which our wide range of work styles are based on.

Our approach to interview

While general interviews tend to be "one-way" communication sessions,
NISSO places emphasis on creating "dialogue" during our interviews.
We try to draw out one's "own strengths" that people who come to interviews do not realize themselves. By getting people to understand our company, and by deepening our dialogue with them, we are striving on a daily basis for both parties to be able to work with a
sense of satisfaction.

Variations of NISSO's Recruitment Media

At NISSO, we operate 3 types of recruitment media tailored to the purpose of job searches.(in Japanese only)

  • NISSO Recruitment Site


    Specializes in recruitment of new
    graduates・mid-career・skilled staff

  • Kojo Kyujin Navi


    Covers NISSO work information centering on
    manufacturing contracting・dispatching

  • Kojo Kyujin Navi Employee


    Centers on job information for regular employees
    and direct manufacturer recruitment

In order to respond to the various needs of clients and job seekers, NISSO conducts constant updates with the latest information and strives to improve usability.

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