Various Certifications that Ensure Trust

NISSO has acquired various certifications in order to fulfill our responsibility as a pioneer in manufacturing-related human resources services, and to maintain sound and highly functional worksites

Superior Manufacturing Contractor

Contractors who operate a superior and appropriate business with good structures in place = Superior Manufacturing Contractors, are granted with accreditation certificates and certification marks (GJ Mark).
Those who are subject to certification are business operators who adhere to laws and regulations of the manufacturing contracting business, with superior and appropriate management, and who have achieved improvements in employment management and the enhancement of contracting structures.
The examination items are set in the following 4 elements: "Management Policy", "MONOZUKURI capability", "Human Development capability" and "Worker Protection". After the examination of documents (initial examination), on-site examination (secondary examination), and the final examination, selected companies are certified by the Manufacturing Contracting Business Improvement Promotion Council.
This certification system, by certifying・publicly announcing superior and appropriate contractors, put in to practice,

  • The promotion of optimization of manufacturing contracting businesses and improvement of employment management
  • The restoration of market competition in the manufacturing contracting industry

with the purpose of improving the welfare of staff working there, and to lead to the improvement of long-term quality of the manufacturing operations of the ordering party (manufacturing business operator).
NISSO received initial certification as a Superior Manufacturing Contractor in 2011.

Excellent Dispatching Business Operator

Dispatching business operators who not only comply with laws and regulations, but who also provide dependable services to both dispatched staff and dispatching destinations (client companies), such as supporting the career formation of dispatched employees and securing a better working environment for them, in addition to preventing troubles at dispatching destinations, are certified as "Excellent Dispatching Business Operators".
In addition to compliance with the "Worker Dispatch Law", NISSO has fulfilled the requirements of business operators required by the government, such as the "Guidelines for Handling Worker Dispatching Business-related Operations" and the "Guidelines for Measures to Be Taken by Dispatching Business Operators", and by meeting the criteria as an excellent business operator, NISSO received initial certification as an Excellent Dispatching Business Operator by the examination・accreditation body in 2015.


The PrivacyMark System is a system that complies with the Japanese Industrial Standard "JIS Q 15001 Personal information protection management systems-Requirements", certifies business operators, etc., who maintain a system to take appropriate protection measures for personal information, and grants PrivacyMarks to that effect, as well as permitting the use of PrivacyMarks for business activities.
As a pioneer engaged in the human resources business, NISSO acquired the PrivacyMark in 2006 as a company that puts into practice being "A socially responsible company" as upheld in our corporate philosophy, and from the strong recognition that human resources are NISSO's sole and absolute management resource.
Please click here to view NISSO's Privacy Policy.


ISO9001 is one of the international standards that is comprised of a structure that is designed for companies, etc., to always deliver products and services with the quality that clients and society are seeking.
It has been mentioned that the ISO9001 certification is usually obtained by product manufacturing industries that both include and exclude product design, as well as service industries (for example, non-product manufacturing industries such as the transportation industry, management companies, financial industries, etc., and companies engaged in the management, etc., of human resources dispatching).  However, NISSO obtained ISO certification for the manufacturing of electronic components (product manufacturing excluding product design + services) by manufacturing business contracting at the Kanazawa Business Office in 2011.


ISO14001 is one of the international standards that is comprised of standards related to various methods of supporting environmental management systems. By repeating the cycle of PDCA (Plan {policy・plan}, Do {implement}, Check {inspect}, and Act {correct, readjust}) based on the requirements, the intention of companies is to continuously improve their level of environmental management. In addition, by receiving third party certification from an external organization, companies are issued with a publicly certified certificate of registration. In 2005, NISSO obtained ISO14001 certification for management operations at Headquarters for business contracting・human resources dispatching services. Implementation items are disclosed in the Environmental Policy set by NISSO. Please click here to view the Environmental Policy.

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